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How you can help us weaken Russia and autocracies


The go-forward plan is to:

  • Scale up the number of companies to be investigated and monitored from the current top 100 plus companies in the world (with about 400 brands) to the top 500 (with about 1,500 brands).  This will produce about 2,000 ‘actionable’ products and services on the site. 
  • Continue to monitor the companies involved in Russia that we have already investigated so we can give them UpgradesDowngrades or potentially expose U-Turns.
  • Launch a ‘moral news wire’ consisting of weekly news releases spotlighting press-worthy stories and statistics to get the message out.  We have already built a database of over a thousand journalists who have written about some economic aspect of the Russia-Ukraine war.
  • If we have sufficient progress using corporate moral ratings against Russia, we will expand to include other autocracies with similar rating projects tailored to the pressure points on the particular regime.


The Moral Rating Agency is proud to have no customers, external commercial relationships, nor conflicts of any kind.  We will remain independent, not only, of course, from the companies we rate, but also from having any clients at all, since they could seek to influence our focus through the range of ratings or topics in which they want to direct our attention.

Our policy is therefore to accept support only from people or entities having no requests or suggestions about the companies we rate, our rating methods or topics we will choose in the future, other than being assured that our focus will be on rating companies working with countries the governments of which do not respect democracy, free speech, human rights or which seek to undermine the moral order of the Free World.


You can support us in helping the funding of additional raters, press/social media team, and advertising efforts to make give our ratings a wider impact.

The following accounts can be used for a direct contribution:

Sterling account:

  • Account name: Moral Rating Agency
  • Account number: 86153263
  • Sort code: 30-98-97
  • Swift/BIC code: LOYDGB21031
  • IBAN: GB04 LOYD 3098 9786 1532 63
  • Bank name: Lloyds Bank

Dollar account:

  • Account name: Moral Rating Agency
  • Account number: DIXONCO-USDC
  • IBAN: GB43RBOS16630000351648
  • Bank name:RBS
  • Bank address: London Victoria, London, UK
If you would like us to know who made a payment, please email us on

We are interested in referrals of employees to join the team (although volunteers can certainly apply, we have found we need on-site, committed staff to produce a product of quality).

Everyone can of course also support by being non-consumers or non-investors of companies that we will continue to expose.

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